Mining without GamerMiner App

If you are experienced in cryptocurrency mining, it is possible to mine Steam gift cards without GamerMiner App. Just create a GamerMiner account, get your agent key and use the GamerMiner pool addresses below to mine for Steam gift cards with your favorite miners! We did only test with miners listed in our Cryptocurrency Miners […]

Cryptocurrency Miners

GamerMiner MinerPack contains various popular and freely available mining software that are trusted and used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Developers of these miners earn their living by adding a small developer fee to the software. For example, a miner with %1 developer fee will mine %1 of the time for […]

Getting Started – GamerMiner

Installation To start the installation, download and run GamerMiner Installer. GamerMiner only runs in 64 bit Windows 7 or 64 bit Windows 10 operating systems. If you have some experience with cryptocurrency mining, It is also possible to use your miner of choice with GamerMiner without installing GamerMiner App. You can learn more about it […]