1. What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money designed to be secure, anonymous and decenteralized in most cases. It uses the blockchain technology which is creating a big revolution especially in finance sector. Blockchain uses a distributed network and cryptography to validate and secure payments.

Cryptocurrencies allow users to make secure payments, without having to go through a central authority like banks. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, most popular being Bitcoin. Each cryptocurrency is developed by a community of developers as open source and free software.

2. What is cryptocurrency mining?

Miners provide the security of the cryptocurrencies and get rewarded for it.

The job of miners in a cryptocurrency network is to confirm a block of transactions by solving a high difficulty cryptographic problem and adding the solution to the block, proving that block of transactions is valid. Mining requires a lot of computing power which is readily available in gaming computers. Each miner increases overall computer power of the cryptocurrency, contributes to the security, and earns reward proportional to his/her computing power with the help of mining pools.

3. How do I earn Referral Bonus?

You need to create a GamerMiner account. Then, invite your friends to GamerMiner with your referral link found on Profile page. When they create an account, you will earn %10 referral bonus from their income. This bonus is from GamerMiner’s fee and does not affect earnings of your friends. To collect your referral bonus, you have to mine using GamerMiner App.

4. Why my earning rate changes over time?

We compute your earning rate continuously from live cryptocurrency market data. There are mainly two factors that affect your earnings, causing it to increase or decrease over time. First one is the current value of cryptocurrency which may fluctuate a lot even in short periods. The second one is the ratio of your mining power to the total mining power of the cryptocurrency. When the total mining power of the cryptocurrency increases, your share in the block reward decreases and vice versa.

5. Are there any deductions on my mining earnings? What is the fee policy?
GamerMiner keeps %10 of the mining income which is also used to pay %10 referral bonuses to gamers.

6. Does mining harm my computer?

Not more than playing a high-end game like PUBG! Make sure you maintain your computer properly. Keep components dust-free. Make sure there is sufficient air flow to cool your GPU / CPU. Have the cooling fans replaced if they stop working or start making noises. Avoid overclocking your GPU and CPU if you are not experienced.

7. Is GamerMiner safe to use?

Short answer is yes. GamerMiner uses same mining programs that are trusted by thousands of miners around the world. Yet most antivirus programs label mining programs as potentially dangerous because hackers also use same mining programs on the computers they hack to mine for themselves without computer owners knowledge.

8. Why my notebook heats a lot when I run GamerMiner?

GamerMiner uses a lot of computing power which causes your CPU and GPU to generate a lot of heat. Some notebooks are not designed to sustain high computing load for a prolonged period of time. If you feel your computer is overheating, try disabling CPU mining from GamerMiner app settings. If this does not help reducing heat, we advise you to stop using GamerMiner on your notebook.

9. Why I have two balances?

Your balance has two components: Spendable balance and estimated balance. Your spendable balance is the exact amount in EUR you earned from GamerMiner that you can spend on gift cards. Your estimated balance is your balance which is not yet exchanged to EUR and therefore may fluctuate. Whenever we exchange mined cryptocurrency to EUR, your estimated balance decreases and your spendable balance increases.

10. How do I convert my balance into gift cards?

When your spendable balance exceeds the value of available gift cards, you will be notified by GamerMiner app that your can claim a gift card. Then, you can spend your balance on available gift cards.

11. Which crytocurrencies do we mine?

We are mining Ethereum(ETH), Monero(XMR) and Zcash(ZEC). We constantly assess to support mining of other cryptocurrencies and likely to support the most profitable ones for our users in the future.

12. I’ve lost my balance!

When you first start the GamerMiner app, it automatically assigns a unique id number to your computer. However if your storage device gets broken, or you uninstall the app, or re-install the operating system your id may get lost. Registered users will not have this problem. Therefore we strongly suggest to register with your e-mail or Steam account after you started the app.

13. Can I run GamerMiner App while playing games?

When GamerMiner is in mining mode, it uses your computers graphics card and CPU which may greatly affect your gaming performance and also mining performance. Therefore, you should turn it off while gaming. We are also working on a feature that will turn off GamerMiner app automatically while you are gaming.
You can run GamerMiner App while surfing the web and watching videos.