Getting Started – GamerMiner


To start the installation, download and run GamerMiner Installer. GamerMiner only runs in 64 bit Windows 7 or 64 bit Windows 10 operating systems. If you have some experience with cryptocurrency mining, It is also possible to use your miner of choice with GamerMiner without installing GamerMiner App. You can learn more about it on our blog post Mining without GamerMiner App.

The first time you run GamerMiner, it will download miner pack. Miner pack contains miners that are used by GamerMiner app to mine various cryptocurrencies.
Miners we use are free and mostly open source software trusted by mining community and used by hundreds of thousands of miners around the world. Unfortunately mining software is mostly considered malware by most antivirus software. You can read our blog post to learn about miners and why it is safe to use them with GamerMiner.
It important that you configure your antivirus so that miners are not deleted. Otherwise, GamerMiner may not work at all or work inefficiently. With your permission, GamerMiner may configure Windows Defender automatically after installation. If you are using another antivirus solution, you can consult our guide on manual antivirus configuration.
Please do not completely disable your antivirus as this will leave your computer vulnerable.

Start Mining

Click on the big “START MINING” button to start mining cryptocurrencies. GamerMiner App will start suitable miners for your hardware in the background and after a short time, you will be able to see your “Total Mining Power”, which shows an estimate of how much you will earn if you mine 24 hours.
When you need computing power for playing games or other tasks, stop mining by clicking “STOP MINING” button. Normally you should be able to browse web and watch videos without a problem when mining. When you finish playing games, don’t forget to start mining to earn your gift card.

GamerMiner Windows App GUI

Create an Account

An account is necessary to claim gift cards and also has many other benefits. To create a user click on “Link to account” link located on top left corner and then click  “Click here to create a new account” link on the dialog. This will direct you to the sign up page on website ( . If you wish, you can also create your account directly from this link.
When creating a new account you should provide a valid e-mail as a verification e-mail will be sent and you should be able to recover your password if you forget it.

Linking an Existing User

After creating your account, link your computer to your account by clicking to “Link your account” link and entering your account credentials.
Your account will enable you to claim Steam gift cards, keep your earnings safe even if you completely uninstall GamerMiner from a linked computer, view your progress by logging into GamerMiner web application, link multiple computers with your account, earn referral bonus by sharing your referral link with your friends.

Claiming Gift Cards

You can claim gift cards when your have enough spendable balance in your account. Your unconfirmed balance is an estimate of your earnings. When we exchange mined cryptocurrencies to euros, we increase your spendable balance and decrease unconfirmed balance.