Mining without GamerMiner App

If you are experienced in cryptocurrency mining, it is possible to mine Steam gift cards without GamerMiner App. Just create a GamerMiner account, get your agent key and use the GamerMiner pool addresses below to mine for Steam gift cards with your favorite miners! We did only test with miners listed in our Cryptocurrency Miners post. Let us know if you experience any problems.

Create a GamerMiner account

To be able to mine for GamerMiner, you first need to create a GamerMiner account.

You can create an account through the sign-up link in our website. You need a valid e-mail address to complete the process as a verification e-mail will be sent.

Configure Your Miner

Normally, miners require a wallet address when connecting to a mining pool. With GamerMiner, you need to use your GamerMiner agent key instead of cryptocurrency wallet address. To get your agent key, sign in to your account and select Web Agent tab under Settings tab. Then press Generate button to get your agent key.

GamerMiner server addresses:

Coin/Algorithm Address Port
ETH/Ethash 7007
XMR/Cryptonight V8 6666

Track Your Progress

You can see your spendable and unconfirmed balances by logging in to your account. When your spendable balance is enough to claim a Steam wallet code, Claim button will appear next to your balances.